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how to do wordpress seo

WordPress Website SEO For Beginners. How to rank WordPress Website on Googles first page 2020?

Wordpress website SEO

Why It is Important to do WordPress website SEO?

WordPress Website SEO is the most important factor to rank website on googles first page.No matter what the industry or size of your business, any company that wants to remain competitive in the digital marketplace needs to find ways that helps to improve their visibility online. Oftentimes sometimes business owners worried about how to improve Google search results for their company.

Search Engine Optimization SEO is the way to make your site on googles first page.

By optimizing your site and blog content for search engines like Google, you can work to expand your reach and drive more relevant traffic to your site. By doing these steps will help getting you closer in google search results

Website SEO has been divided into two types:

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

On Page SEO


Q: What Is On Page SEO?

Ans. On page SEO plays an important role in ranking fast and well in search result. Yes, no doubt that we need to build lots of backlinks but we can’t ignore on page SEO factor. When it comes to On page SEO, people just strict with meta title and meta description, no there are plenty of other things that we need to consider.

Some of them are keywords in title and meta description, content optimization (in text, video format), social media option, call to action and many more. So if you’re trying to search what should be best on page SEO factor, here Brian Dean from Backlinko has shared an awesome checklists on the same. Please have look and also let us if you come across other factors too….

 What steps should we take to do website SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Follow this 16-step SEO Audit checklist to hunt out SEO errors and boost your Google rankings.For 2020 the ugly days of keyword stuffing your high the SERPs are distant within the mirror. Google’s algorithm now has over 200 ranking factors, which they appear to be adding more monthly.

Does this mean that an SEO Audit in 2020 needs quite 200 steps to be any good? Does it need to take weeks and lots of man-hours?No, it doesn’t. Google weighs each factor differently, and by that concentrate on the foremost critical factors, you’ll get over 90% of the results with but 10% of the difficulty.

1. Determine how SEO fits into your overall marketing strategy
2. Crawl your website
3. Find indexing errors & technical problems
4. Remove low-quality content
5. Using Robots.txt and Robots Meta Tags to resolve technical issues
6. Identify speed & mobile page issues
7. Find structured data errors
8. Test your meta descriptions
9. Analyze your organic traffic
10. Learn from your competition
11. Improve your content & on-page SEO
12. Optimizing your internal links for rank boosts
13. Optimizing your crawl budget alongside your site structure
14. Improving your backlink strategy
15. Tracking your results
16. Your checklist for running recurring audits

Quick Guide To Do On Page SEO: If you want to get more out of on-page SEO, you need to do keyword research first. Find a primary keyword for every blog post you write. That way you can use that primary keyword in page titles, meta description, alt tags etc to increase website traffic quickly.

  1. Put Your Primary Keyword In The Page Title.
  2. Put Your Keywords In The Meta Description
  3. Don’t Ignore Meta Tags
  4. Optimize your URL’s
  5. Use H2, H3 Tags As The Sub-Headings (By Including Your Keywords)
  6. Image Alt Tags Are Important
  7. Use Your Primary Keyword In The Introduction Of Your Post
  8. Internal Linking Is Most Important

Off page seo


Q: What is OFF Page SEO?

Ans. Off Page SEO is the optimization happening off the page and, in fact, happening off the site entirely.

At the core of off-page SEO are backlinks, which can come from:

  1. Links to your page from another site
  2. Mentions of your brand on another site
  3. Shares of your content on another site

The theme here is another site, so your off-page SEO largely depends on the activities of other people on other sites. The exceptions are when you personally add your pages to business directories or link to them in a forum or when commenting on a blog post.

Most of the time, off-page SEO occurs with:

  1. Social media posts
  2. Influencer posts
  3. Guest blogs
  4. Brand mentions

Why is off-page SEO important? The backlinks you acquire, especially when they come from trustworthy and relevant sites (meaning relevant to your business or industry), build credibility for your own website. The more high-quality backlinks you have to your website pages, the more weight search engines give to your website – and the more likely you are to rank higher.

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