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About OTS:

Open Testing Services (OTS) is established in the year 2012 with a vision to bring innovation in assessment & training process. OTS is providing leading and cost effective solutions in testing and training in Pakistan. We have worked with many national and international customers to provide services which include data management, data screening, testing and assessments, training programs, capacity building and enterprise software solutions that help institutions/ organizations improve reliability, increase manpower and educational better solutions.

Why should you use our services?

Make Selection Easy

Through OTS services, a large pool of applicants is tested and compare for desire qualification which make a selection process easy for the organization.

Measuring of Potential

Our Services provide an opportunity to a pool of candidates to show their potential abilities.

Test those Skills which is Essential to Organization.

Skills like critical thinking and problem-solving abilities these are the skill which cannot be measured through academic grades and formal education. So with the help of OTS services one can do the in-depth study of applicant knowledge which is learned for unfamiliar context, intrapersonal and interpersonal and emotional intelligence abilities.

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